Tutorials and tips: Discover my best tips and practices for our social network visibility

Discover my best practice on instagram

1/ 3d effect on story texts although technically there is no 3d effect on story texts, you can simulate it so well that it looks as real as it is. First of all, click on the icon of our favorite drawing pencil. Write the word (or phrase) you want in one of the fonts provided. Choose a color and place the text where it should be placed.

2/Add special characters to your biography, name or captions have you ever wondered how some instagram profiles have added special characters such as suns, stars or pencils to their instagram biographies?


3/ Interact with other users, including your subscribers instagram is a community, so feel free to search for customers who post interesting branded images, track their accounts and interact with their content. It’s the most natural way to draw attention to your own account while finding your place in the community, and to glean inspiration.

Here my best practice on Facebook

1/ Save clips you just found a documentary that looks interesting or a recipe you want to try but you don’t have time to watch the whole thing right away? No worries, facebook allows you to save publications to watch them later. By clicking on this link, you will notice your saved publications.


2 Disable the online status whether it is on mobile or computer, it is quite possible to disable the online status, the famous green ball of messenger. On computer, go to the small roulette wheel in the list of your connected colleagues and select “disable online status”.

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